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Inter Rao Lietuva Web Project Development

The most challenging aspect of this project was to define, prioritize and balance the needs of the business and investors with the IPO listing requirements. A new simpler, easy-to-use navigation was developed ensuring all data displayed via a more logical and seamless interface helping potential investors make better decisions. 

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Loot LTD Web Project Development

Coral solutions updated the site’s navigation and layout, to provide users with a clear, easy-to-use website experience. A sophisticated search tool with relevance rankings and ability to sort and filter results by: distance; relevance; cost; keywords; price; and etc were developed; We introduced sub-sites for advertisers that allowed buyers to see other products in on the seller’s page; created application which provided users with the option for placing ads into paper newspaper version.

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Boat Race Prediction Game Web Project Development

Coral solutions developed an innovative cutting-edge game platform that provides users with unlimited possible applications and variations such as setting up a private league to play against colleagues, clients or friends; choosing a series of event to predict on user intuitive race maps; utilizing  the historical stats and information about the boat racers to make better informed decisions. 

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Soda Ash & Sales Web Project Development

A number of technical challenges faced this project, therefore structured documentation and training sessions were organised at the outset to share knowledge and plan for deployment. An in-depth user experience phase was undertaken to ensure that the finished application had the user’s needs at the heart of its design.

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Web Announcements Web Project Development

Coral solutions created user intuitive interface allowing users to filter recent and archived notices by: classification; location (postcode/address plus distance); date range; issuing organisation. Notices are displayed accordingly to the rank and the location of each user. Pdf file processing subsystem was implemented to upload notices directly to the website from the pdf’s sent by newspapers.

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Instant Norge A/S Web Project Development

Coral solutions developed a sophisticated e-learning platform that provides users with interactive courses that can be taken in Englih, Polish, Norwegian and other languages and are presented as video slides delivering seamless easy to understand user experience. In introducing e-academy, the Instant Norge A/S has empowered its clients to adhere to the working safety guidelines more effectively, providing a unified e-learning solution and a common, easy to use experience

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Jax Auto Shipping Web Project Development

Coral solutions developed a innovative cutting-edge vehicles shipping information system that provides users with the ability to track multiple containers, bookings on real-time basis being informed on the arrival date, possible delays or any other issues and respond accordingly. Our team implemented bespoke model that registers incoming cargo documents and sends them to the relevant department eliminating any possible delays and saving time for a company. The system is also able to generate reports about the current situation on cargo deliveries, delays or other irregularities though the company can react immediately, solve any issues and keep customers satisfied.

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Photo1moment Web Project Development

Working together with Photo1moment we created user intuitive interface allowing users to creative public and private events for uploading and distributing high quality images. We helped the company to monetize the platform by integrating credits system (i.e. users can buy credits to make purchases on the website) that drive costs down avoiding high transaction, and currency exchange rates. The users can search the images by location, date, time, and even by the person name.

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LingJob Web Project Development

Share or Sell any article, book, publication, copywriting, academic, research or business document.

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